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Following a major loss that involves failures of equipment, parts or systems, responsibility for that loss is sometimes assigned to the manufacturer, contractor, supplier, employer, property owner or another party.   Defect and negligence claims are few of the different basis where attempts to assign liability is made by one party against another. 

When this happens, it is necessary to investigate the root cause of the incident in order to establish the exact circumstances under which the failure occurred.  This will lead to clear understanding of liability.   

CEERISK experts have been instructed to investigate alleged design defects in a variety of systems, from small light fixtures in warehouses to complex last-stage blades in gas turbines powering large power stations.   

Our experts were also instrumental in investigating workmanship defects of off-shore pipelines as well as Extra High Voltage bushings in transmission substations.  

We designed test protocols to investigate material defect allegations and worked closely with specialists around the world to study material properties and provide accurate opinions supported by facts. 

Our expert reports, prepared in compliance to applicable rules of evidence in the specific jurisdiction provide details of the investigation we carried out, the facts we uncovered and the opinions we formulated. Our rigorous peer review process ensures that reports and findings are well documented and that opinions are well founded regardless of the level of complexity of the issues involved.  Over the years, our expert reports have been used by law firms in different proceedings around the world where different rules of evidence apply.   

When called on, our experts provide witness testimony to explain the facts and present the opinions, while assisting the court to rule on evidence.    


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