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Infrastructure & Energy

Infrastructure and energy are vital, fast-moving industries worldwide that require a thorough understanding of how they work and what can go wrong during construction or operation.  Whether it is a thermal power generation plant, wind turbine farm, CSP solar plant, water desalination, waste treatment, communication or others, engineering issues are becoming increasingly complex.  Disputes require multiple experts in multiple disciplines with wide range of expertise to assist lawyers.    

Especially in the energy sector, complexity of new technologies involving complicated scientific principles, new technology that develops at a rapid rate and remote locations where little historical data is available. These and other factors make legal disputes in the energy sector difficult to work with which makes it necessary to have experts with solid backgrounds, extensive experience and excellent skills. 

Over the years, our experts have been involved in issues arising from the deployment of new energy technologies such as wind farms, PV solar plants, CSP solar and other types of thermal energy in very remote locations where climate change and unknown weather patterns have caused severe and costly losses 

When looking at disputes that arise within the energy sector, a good understanding of the engineering principles at play is necessary in order to resolve the issue in question.  

CEERISK experts have worked on a number of different disputes across a whole range of specialisations within the sector, including both national and international disputes. We have thorough knowledge of the technical engineering aspects of energy generation and how it works, as well as a good understanding of the industry itself and how it has changed in the last several years. 


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