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Utility Scale PV Insurance Claims

In the MENA region and around the world, large power plants utilising PV technology continue to develop and to grow. Despite the many years since the commissioning of the first utility-scale PV plant, many questions related to failures remain unanswered or, at best, debated. Every year, scientists and insurers alike are discovering new challenges and are developing new ways to overcome them.

(Re)insurers and loss adjusters alike find themselves having to deal with new challenges when faced with claims in large utility-scale PV plants, including wind, fire, soil erosion or any other peril. Whether caused by deployment of new advanced technologies in remote locations, limitations of operational history or lack of expertise these claims can be costly and difficult to handle. Impact of climate change exasperates the severity of claims involving utility-scale power plants

This webinar is intended to discuss the latest in managing claims arising during the construction and operation of utility-scale solar power plants.

Using a number of case studies where catastrophic losses involving renewable energy plants were reported to insurers, the presenter will explore techniques for investigating losses that occur in utility scale PV plants.