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Property Condition Assessment

As buildings age, so does their different components including structures, electrical and mechanical systems as well as complex water and wastewater treatment facilities. An essential part of the process to manage the building assets is a thorough understanding of the condition of properties. This is required by multiple professions, including insurers, corporate business owners, asset managers, and risk managers.

A Property Condition Assessment involves several steps and relies on the expertise of a team of professionals to provide detailed and practical information about the condition of the site, including the building systems as well as an evaluation of the building’s foundation, structure, roof, interior and envelope.

Full analysis of building systems forms an integral part of the process and provides basis for repair and maintenance programmes that are required to preserve and manage the assets.

This webinar discusses what must be considered when undertaking a property condition assessment after suffering damage following a loss, including technical considerations and how to determine the scope of a PCA when needed.