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Operational Risk: Assessment of Management and Control Systems

Industries around the world depend on a solid management and control system in order to ensure the ongoing operation of their industry. Although plant machinery and equipment are fundamental for carrying out operations, it is only with a robust management and control system that the ongoing continuity of a business can remain successful.

Risks that could result in devastating consequences, including business interruption, destruction of property, worker injury or fatality, are managed through comprehensive planning. These include:

  • Production quality and control

  • Condition monitoring and maintenance

  • Emergency response plans

  • Incident investigation

  • Permit to Work (PTW) systems

  • Security plans

  • Housekeeping

This webinar will look at what components are necessary in order to have a successful management and control system, as well as how management and control systems should be measured and assessed. The speakers will look at real examples from different industries, as well as presenting case studies to demonstrate why certain management and control systems are successful and necessary.