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OEM Warranty: Should you care and what can you do after a loss?

To run operations and provide services to their customers, businesses make large investments in equipment purchased from OEMs. With the initial purchase of equipment, OEMs supply warranties, during the early months of operation, and extended warranties and other service contracts replace the initial warranty following this time.

Following a loss where the equipment is not directly involved, OEMs tend to void warranties and terminate service contracts, even if the equipment is not damaged. OEMs explain that though the equipment did not sustain damage, its reliability is suspect and therefore cannot be covered by the existing warranty or service contract.

Should insurers worry about the OEM’s termination of warranty or service contract, especially that it does not constitute physical damage? What can loss adjusters do to ascertain the exact condition of the equipment and respond to OEM claims that it was damaged as a result of a loss? How do you manage the insured expectations? What can be done to persuade the OEMs to accept the equipment back?

These are the questions this webinar is intended to discuss and provide answers to. Using real life examples, the presenter will share his experience in dealing with OEMs from different industries, including medical equipment, printing presses, IT systems, CNC machinery and others, and to provide proven steps to deal with the warranty question.

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