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Rapid Transition to Renewable

In order to reduce carbon emissions and lessen the impact of the ongoing climate crisis, a change to renewable energies – including wind, solar, hydrogen, hydropower – is necessary within the upcoming years. New renewable energy power generation plants are being constructed at a rapid pace around the world as new technologies improves and develops and because of new political pressure to transition away from fossil fuels.

This rapid transition to renewables introduces new technical risks as the source of power generated changes, resulting in an increase in losses and disputes resulting from the deployment and introduction of new technologies and infrastructure. This risk extends beyond the generation sector to cover transmission and distribution networks.

This webinar looks at the claims and disputes resulting directly or indirectly from the introduction and deployment of renewable energy and how to manage the transition to mitigate new risks. The presenter will rely on case studies to illustrate the risks and the types of technical disputes that can arise. He will host a discussion to explore unknown risks and how to mitigate their impact on operation of power networks.