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Flood Damage and Reinstatement of Complex Building Systems

Managing flood claims and investigating extent of damage to complex building equipment poses formidable challenge to insurers and loss adjusters and can cause a variety of problems.

Before a decision can be made on which reinstatement option should be used to return the property to a pre-loss condition, the nature and extent of damage to equipment must be determined.  This usually requires, not only a thorough understanding of the equipment design, but also the impact water and other contaminants can have on the equipment in the long term. 

The damage assessment of complex equipment in commercial and industrial properties starts with the scientific determination of the nature and extent of flood damage and analysis of the long term impact on the equipment reliability and continued operation.

This webinar will look at the effects of flooding on different building systems including electric distribution (power transformers, MV/LV switchgear, wiring, MCC, PLC and others) and mechanical systems (water pumps, motors, HVAC and others).  In addition, the presenters will talk about complex machinery and industrial systems including CNC and other types of hi-tech industrial systems.

Different reinstatement options available after flood damage will be discussed and analysed including special considerations regarding voidance of warranty and service contracts by OEMs and how to address long term reliability concerns by insurers and their OEM. To illustrate these specific concerns, our experts will look at real life case studies to examine how situations like this play out in practice.