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Fire Investigation in the Middle East: 4 ways to secure civil defence cooperation

Fire investigation requires collaboration between all stakeholders including insurers, loss adjusters, property owners, fire investigators, and experts, as well local authorities in possession of the most critical information related to the fire. In many Middles Eastern countries, the lack of cooperation between private investigators acting on behalf of insurers and public investigators from civil defence directorates and criminal investigation authorities has been identified as the most significant obstacle in determining accurately the origin and cause of a fire.

This webinar is designed to explore the challenges faced by private forensic engineers and scientists during fire investigation in the Middle East. Using information gathered from interviews with civil defence officers in several Middle Eastern countries in addition to information shared by insurers, loss adjusters, and other experts in the field, the presenter will list some of the underlying issues that prevent cooperation and share techniques that have proven to be successful at facilitating cooperation between private and public investigators.

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