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Interpreting Corrosion Damage

Forensic Engineering Track


Following a contamination loss it is imperative for a loss adjuster to evaluate the risk of corrosion and implement certain steps that would inhibit corrosion and halt its progression. By doing so, the loss adjuster can maintain the feasibility of different options including technical restoration.


In this webinar our engineering experts will be discussing the science of corrosion while answering critical questions.


  • What causes corrosion?
  • Can corrosion be reversed?
  • What are the environmental factors that enhance or impede the formation of corrosion?
  • Can old-age corrosion be distinguished from newly formed corrosion?
  • How are risks of corrosion identified before it starts?
  • What necessary steps to can be taken mitigate the damage and restore equipment?
  • What response can inhibit or halt corrosion?


All of these questions will be examined through the use of real life case studies that involve damage to different types of equipment.

Emerging Trends Webinar Series 2019