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Equipment & Machinery Breakdown in Refineries

Petrochemical production is expected to account for more than a third of growth in oil demand by 2030, according to IEA. GCC countries, in particular, are ramping up production of petrochemicals to extract more value from their energy resources and create a downstream industry.

There are unique risks inherent to petrochemical plants and refineries because of special factors not usually seen in other industrial plants, including specialised machinery and a number of chemicals and other hazardous materials not generally found in other settings. The presence of chemicals introduces additional concerns regarding the need for fire control and mitigation of other risks.

More importantly, petrochemical plants utilise processes that use chemical reactions involving high temperatures and pressure to manufacture specialised products. Understanding these processes is essential when assessing the risks inherent in these specialised industries.

This webinar is intended for insurance personnel to understand the risk involved in petrochemical processing, as well as what safety measures can be taken to protect against it further. The presenter will share some of the latest risk assessment techniques that have been developed by leading industry professionals around the world.