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Risk Assessment of Large Warehouses

Risk Engineering Track


Aluminium coating, steel framing, beverages, food processing and carpentry are all examples of light industry manufacturing. At first glance, these small and simple manufacturing plants that rely on simple processes and involve simple machines seem to have low risk. A closer look, however, reveals that these plants involve significant hazards that, unless properly assessed and managed, can lead to catastrophic results. This webinar will look at examples of these light industry plants and provide delegates with examples of hazards that can lead to catastrophic losses. We will share examples of losses that we investigated over the years to help underwriters think beyond the obvious when it comes to these types of simple plants.


This webinar is designed to provide insurance professionals with information that can assist in evaluating the risk of fires at industrial properties and reducing the likelihood of a fire occurring. The webinar will draw on past major fire incidents around the world to demonstrate the significance of managing these risks.

Emerging Trends Webinar Series 2019