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Welcome Maher El Hinawy

Please join us in welcoming Maher El Hinawy to our team in Amman, Jordan.
Maher brings his vast 23-year experience working with the Jordanian Civil Defence Directorate in different role where he was the Head Investigator of fires across the country.  

In addition to his experience investigating fires, Maher was also responsible for conducting fire safety audits of commercial and industrial occupancies in Jordan. 

Maher has a master’s (MSc.) degree in applied chemistry from the University of Albaqa in Jordan. With his background, Maher specialised in handling and management of hazardous material and waste incineration. He was part of the HAZMAT team in Jordan and oversaw management of response to and investigation of accidents that involved hazardous materials.

In addition to his work with the Civil Defence, Maher also worked with the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OCPW).
Maher has served various humanitarian causes, including a year served with the United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) where he was responsible for patrolling villages in remote parts of the country. He also worked closely with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and UNESCO to distribute medical supplies and other aid to villagers.
Maher is a member of the IAAI (International Association of Arson Investigators) in the USA. He was also awarded a Fire Diploma from the Lancashire Fire & Training Centre in the UK where he studied for six months.
The considerable experience and knowledge that Maher brings to the team, would just enhance our ability to serve clients in Jordan and other parts of the MENA region. 

Maher’s addition to the team supports our vision of providing superior technical services in the fields of:  

  • Fire Investigation
  • Fire Safety Risk
  • Chemical Material Hazards

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