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Mamoon Alyah Conducts Training About Pharmaceuticals for Saudi Market

On 9 September, Mamoon Alyah conducted on-line specialised training to top pharmaceutical companies in the Saudi market. The training was organised by Tawuniya Insurance Company, a leading insurer in the Saudi market as part of their commitment to provide risk consulting services to their clients and assist with the development of better risk management programmes in the industry.

Training delved deep into risk management concerns associated with pharmaceutical product manufacturing, by looking at case studies to understand conditions that lead to catastrophic losses in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. The presentation focused on how small failures that may be negligible in other industries can lead to catastrophic losses in pharmaceuticals.

Over the course of two hours, Mr. Alyah highlighted a number of factors that contribute to different types of losses, including fires, breakdown and contamination, in addition to specific regulation risk and special occupancy concerns facing pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The webinar was attended by a large number of industry leaders from different companies who contributed to the discussions.

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