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CEERISK Announces Our Iraq Team

As part of our efforts to bring our services to all parts of the MENA region, CEERISK announces the formation of a  team of experts in Iraq. Coming from a range of backgrounds and with many years of experience in many different engineering disciplines, our experts are available to help provide  engineering services across many different industries and sectors, including oil & gas, petroleum, and construction.

Our experts are available to offer engineering services, including:

  • ​Forensic Investigations, including fires, industrial explosions, machinery breakdown, collapse, contamination, corrosion and other types of engineering incidents
  • Risk Surveys & Assessment of different risks , including construction sites, commercial & business properties, industrial & manufacturing plants, logistics and warehousing, oil & gas, petrochemical and others
  • Technical Claim Consulting, including causation, , damage assessment, quantum analysis, development of reinstatement options and salvage and recovery

Firas Alrawi - Electrical Engineer

Speciality: Electrical and mechanical equipment expert, control and instrumentation, turbines, generators, transformers, compressors, boilers, large motors, SCADA systems, PLC

Located in Baghdad, Firas has 21 years of experience as an instrumentation and control systems engineer in detailed maintenance, design, commissioning and development of instruments and control systems. Firas has worked within a number of industries, including oil & gas, power generation, manufacturing and mining, and has a vast experience in installation, calibration and loop checking of field instruments.

Since 2006, Firas has been a commissioning engineer for electrical systems,Over the years Firas has acquired a expert knowledge of equipment, including pumps, turbines (steam and gas), large motors, boilers and compressors.

Among the many industries that Firas worked with is the oil 7 gas and petrochemical sectors that make up a large portion of Iraq’s economy. Firas has been involved in investigating failures of process and control systems in many oil & gas plants as well as other industrial facilities.   He is available to travel throughout Iraq and will be available to respond to incidents in any part of the country.

With his background, Frias will be responsible for the investigation of engineering losses in different types of equipment within different industries.  He will carry out the forensic investigations to determine the root cause of failures and will offer expert advice on reinstatement options of different types of equipment.

Mardin Sabir - Oil & Gas Upstream Engineer

Specialty: Construction projects, civil engineering, HS&E regulations, DSU (Delayed Start Up), oil & gas drilling, downstream projects

For the past several years, Mardin has worked in a number of roles within the upstream energy sector, including contract management, contract preparation and contract analysis; complex agreements covering drilling services programming, completion and facility/civil works engineering services; and risk assessment of complex sites in her capacity as a Health & Safety Officer.

Mardin graduated from the Salahaddin University in Iraq with a BSc in Civil Engineering and from the University of Picardie Jules Verne in France with a BA in Business Management. Since then, Mardin has worked closely with operators, where she has been responsible for the project management and procurement of services for a number of different construction projects.

Mardin has been responsible for project management and procurement of services for a number of local companies in Erbil and other parts of Iraq. In recent years Iraq has undergone a number of infrastructure projects, which Mardin has been contracted for project management in multiple sectors, including the construction sector, chemical manufacturing, and all angles of upstream oil & gas. In her role Mardin has conducted risk assessment and health and safety review on a number of sites.

Prof. Mohammed Al-Ani - Environmental Engineer

Speciality: Hydrology, infrastructure projects, water & wastewater treatment plants, dams, environmental hazards

Professor Mohammed Al-Ani joins our team in Iraq from Baghdad. During his career, Professor Al-Ani has been tasked with the design of multiple works, including the design and construction of water treatment and wastewater treatment facilities, as well as wastewater treatment systems for manufacturing facilities in the sugar, steel and chemical industry, in addition to many others.

Professor Al-Ani has also carried out environmental impact assessment of different properties, including assessments of the environmental impact from waste, wastewater and water consumption. He has also looked at the impact of oil fields, including smoke and other pollutants that arise from upstream oil & gas.

Professor Al-Ani has worked as a consultant to the Ministry of Industries and the Ministry of Oils, where he provided assessment of environmental impact.

Professor Al-Ani is well suited to provide expert advice on matters involving underground water and other hydrology issues related to buildings and construction projects. He is also an expert on the construction and operation of infrastructure projects including  water & wastewater treatment plants, highways, dams, megs-structures (sports stadiums, bridges ..etc). His deep understanding of environmental hazards allows him to provide expert risk assessment of large infrastructure projects  and remote locations in different settings.

Ibrahim Khalil - Petroleum Engineer

Speciality: Upstream oil & gas, drilling operations, upstream risk management, fire, equipment failures

Ibrahim Khalil Hussein joins our Iraq Team from Mosul, where he works as a petroleum engineer with experience across a number of positions within the upstream energy sector.

After graduating from the University of Baghdad, Ibrahim went on to work within a number of roles in the upstream oil & gas sector for over 45 years. The scope of his experience encompasses  working in drilling  of the wells, running the casing pipes, cementing operations of the casting, drilling fluid engineering (“mud engineering”), and installation of the well-head. Additionally, Ibrahim has been responsible for workover operations, which include different types of well maintenance operation carried out to rehabilitate wells and to repair problems that may occur. Ibrahim’s role included troubleshooting problems that arose during drillings.

Ibrahim’s experience within the upstream sector includes knowledge of complex procedures including recoil tubing, work involving electric submersible pumps, nitrogen injection, slick line operations, field operations and the dispatch of oil along pipelines, including pipelines that extend across wide areas of land that require multiple pumping stations.

Ibrahim’s experience within the oil & gas sector extends to thorough understanding of all equipment involved in drilling operations.  His Background allows him to provide detailed analysis of failures and losses in the oil & gas upstream sector as well as other sectors in the industry.  His vast experience in the field also allows him to provide reliable assessment of risks related to different hazards in the oil & gas industry.

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