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Ageing Electrical Assets

Assessing failure risk and investigating root cause

During a routine risk survey of a cement plant, we discovered that production critically relies on the operation of two kiln motors that were 50 years old. The motors continued to operate with no apparent failures and the operation managers at the plant were satisfied that the risk of failure was minimal. Upon insisting that the motors be tested, it was discovered that the insulation has degraded to a level that poses significant risk to operations.

This scenario is seen throughout different industries where operators may not realise that different environmental and operational stress factors cause ageing and degradation in electrical insulation. This eventually can lead to catastrophic failures that result in prolonged business interruption and significant consequential damage.  

This workshop relies on the extensive experience of the presenter in investigating losses involving electrical assets in power plants and factories such as generators, power transformers, capacitor banks, high voltage motors and switchgear assemblies and their components. The presenter will use real life cases to highlight the scientific approach to conducting a root cause investigation of failures in aged electrical assets.

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