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Investigating Electrical Failures in Ageing Power Equipment

In every developed country, the electric national grid is considered a critical part of the country’s security and economic structure. Generation, transmission and distribution assets cost billions of dollars to deploy and should last for many years, providing reliable supply of energy to drive economic activities and provide social security for people.

Even with the rapid deployment of renewable energy technologies, the use of conventional generation still constitutes a significant part of the energy mix. However, the generation infrastructure in many areas is ageing rapidly and assets are decaying.

T&D assets are necessary component to the sustainability and resilience of national grid, making it more necessary to ensure that these assets, including transformers, substations, power lines, are protected and monitored through rigorous and robust condition monitoring and maintenance programmes.

This webinar looks at the ageing electrical infrastructure within buildings and factories and provides insight as to the looming risk of failure as a result of wear and tear.  The webinar provides underwriters and claim handlers with information related to the impact of ageing on different types of electrical equipment and how to identify wear and tear after a catastrophic loss.