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Large Warehouse Fire in Dubai

CEERISK engineers were instructed to investigate a fire at a large warehouse in Jabal Ali -Dubai, UAE. The fire broke out at the warehouse in in the evening. We carried out an initial inspection of the fire scene during which time we identified the general area of origin and identified artefacts that needed to be closely examined at a later date. Following our early investigation of the scene, we developed a plan to extract debris samples from the area of origin for chemical analysis. We also developed a protocol to closely examine other artefacts and systems which included the fire fighting system which we determined had been disabled at some point prior to the fire.

The investigation was complicated by the strict lockdown measures that were implemented at that time in the UAE. The pandemic affected the availability of eyewitnesses and complicated travel to the fire scene at that time. Nevertheless, our engineers were able to gather the necessary information, extract debris samples and closely examine remains of fire damaged artefacts to determine the cause of the fire.

During the investigation, we worked closely with the loss adjusters who were involved in the different steps of the investigation. Our findings were reported to the loss adjusters and insurers of the property. 

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