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Wind Farm in Jordan

CEERISK experts carried out a risk survey for a utility-scale wind farm in Ma’an, Jordan. The wind farm, with 40 wind turbines, sits on approximately 8km2 of open land in the desert, surrounded by empty land in all directions. The farm has the capacity to generate about 80MGWT of electrical wind power.

During a walkthrough of the wind farm, our engineers inspected the lower sections of the towers and foundations. In addition, we used the detailed documents and information we received from the plant operator to assess the risk of machinery breakdown of the various components of the wind turbines. We also evaluated the condition monitoring systems to rate the risk of different hazards including lightning strike, fire, wind damage and mechanical failure.

Of special concern was the risk of failures involving the electrical control systems and rotor lcok pin mechanisms. To assess these risks, our engineers thoroughly analysed the design specifications and the latest and most recent OEM inspection reports.

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