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Risk Survey of Exclusive Development in Aqaba, Jordan

CEERISK experts surveyed an exclusive development that lies along the waterfront of Jordan’s Red Sea coast near Aqaba. The site is a mixed-use development site that contains a mixture of residential, touristic, commercial and entertainment offerings. At this time, the total area of the development reaches over 4.2 million sqm and contains 5000 residential units.

In addition to the sites currently in operation, there are also a number of areas that remain under construction until the demand for such resorts increases.

As part of our survey, we reviewed the management and control systems in place, including the maintenance systems for the multiple networks of utilities in place to serve residents. Among the utilities are domestic water, storm water, sewage and irrigation networks, along with electrical and telecommunication networks. Additionally, in order to supply water to the extensive lagoon system, a network of pumps and water filtration is in operation.

We were able to provide a detailed analysis of the risk exposures as well as a review of the management and control systems in place. Furthermore, we were able to offer recommendations for how to improve the overall risk profile of the site.

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