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Healthcare Campus in Turkey

When finished, this healthcare campus  will have over 3,500 beds and a total of 1.1million m2 surface area, making it one of the largest hospitals in the world. Among the different facilities that the healthcare campus will provide are a cardiovascular hospital, a maternity hospital, a children’s hospital, a psychiatric hospital, an oncology hospital, as well as a rehabilitation centre, forensic laboratory, families accommodation hotel and other facilities. 

CEERISK engineers surveyed the construction site for a healthcare campus in Ankara, Turkey, reporting on the typical hazards to the massive construction site in addition to the project progress delays as a result of the Covid-19. During our visit toe th site, we have also conveyed to the project engineers and managers recommendations on improving the risk survey at this very delicate time of the project’s life.   

In addition to physical risks that the construction site could be exposed to, we also studied the progress of works and delays in respect of the critical path, as the site experienced delays that arose from non-COVID-related causes. However, we were also instructed to comment on the impact of COVID on the progress of works and on the measures in place to prevent any outbreaks of COVID-19 among the workforce.

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