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CEERISK investigates a CSP plant loss in Ouarzazate, Morocco

In one of the largest CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) plants in the world, located in the deserts of Morocco, a thermal storage system is used to maintain operations at night when the energy from the sun is not available. The storage system is made of two sets of salt storage tanks. Each set has two tanks: a cold salt tank and a hot salt tank. The thermal storage system is designed to supply enough energy to maintain operation of steam turbines for up to 7 hours.

One of the cold salt storage tanks sprung leaks at three different locations. The exact location of the leaks and the cause are under investigation. The estimated claim amount is close to $30 M.

CEERISK Consulting was instructed by loss adjusters to investigate the root cause of the loss. Our experts were immediately dispatched to the site of the loss, where they met with the plant owner engineers and coordinated with other engineers to carry out NDT of the tank weld joints.

The investigation is continuing and will be carried out in coordination with other local and international testing firms.


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