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Alik Ahmed

Senior Engineering Consultant

Alik Ahmed, CEng, MSc, is a Senior Engineering Consultant located in Leeds. Alik is a forensic engineer with extensive experience investigating plant and equipment losses providing opinions related to cause and origin, as well as reinstatement options following large and complex losses involving insurance and equipment.

Alik’s background in building systems allows him to provide thorough and detailed analysis of failures in many types of equipment in large and complex properties including large industrial plants, light manufacturing, warehouses, commercial and retail complexes, healthcare facilities in additional to other institutional properties (educational, government and infrastructure).

Alik has been instructed to investigate a number of complex losses in the UK where he was asked to assess the nature and extent of damage to equipment and provide expert advise on different reinstatement options. He also carries out detailed analysis of like kind and quality replacement and determination of betterment following losses involving electrical and mechanical equipment.