Training and Educational Services

Having accumulated knowledge and experience related to risks associated with Construction, Energy and Engineering projects and properties, we are able to provide clients with customized training to highlight specific hazards and assist in developing ways to manage and control them.

We cover different topics including:
  • Workplace Health & Safety.
  • Production, storage, transportation and handling of hazardous materials.
  • Fire ignition and dynamics.
  • Fire investigation.
  • Health and Safety on construction sites.
  • Corrosion management.
  • Cyber risk.
  • Reinstatement of contaminated equipment.
  • Loss prevention techniques in industrial plants.
  • Fundamental of Process safety in power plants.

Since our clients needs vary based on their unique situations and environment, we do not offer a one-size-fits-all educational training. Instead, we customize our training programmes to fit the specific needs of our clients after an exhaustive and detailed analysis of their environment. This process of customization allows us to fulfil the exact needs of different clients and is offered for FREE ahead of any instruction.

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