Surveys & Valuation:

We adopt and implement the latest risk survey techniques published by recognized engineering insurance groups including the LEG (London Engineering Group), IMIA (International Association of Engineering Insurers), IRM (Institute of Risk Management) and many others from around the world. Our risk surveyors possess both the knowledge about systems and processes in addition to experience in failure modes and loss scenarios. Equipped with the latest tools, they conduct surveys to assist different stakeholders in various ways, such as:

  • Evaluate risk before accepting coverage or during renewal process
  • Calculate FML/EML/PML
  • Develop risk profile for clients
  • Provide impartial assessment of risk
Risk managers
  • Develop risk profile and recommend improvements
Risk engineers
  • Understand FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) for different systems and processes
Operations Managers
  • Qualify and quantify impact of hazards on daily operations
  • Highlight critical processes with highest commercial and financial impact

Our clients have relied on us to provide comprehensive and accurate information to assist them in evaluating risks in various industries. Some of the risks we have been instructed to survey and evaluate include:

  • Pharmaceutical formulation plants
  • Aluminium coating and Aluminium forming plants
  • Pulp, paper and cardboard manufacturing
  • Construction sites
  • Plastic manufacturing
  • Livestock farms
  • Hotels and hospitality establishments

  • Risk Surveys Examples

    Consulting experts are relied upon by various clients to identify hazards and document risks that can impact their businesses or their underwriting decisions, including:

                              Livestock farms

                 Paint mixing and manufacturing

                     Aluminium coating plant

                    Construction site of a hotel

         Construction site of a pedestrian tunnel

                               Marble Factory

                        Aluminium Fabrication

       Commercial kitchens for large restaurants

                         Steel manufacturing

                Workers' accommodation camp

             High rise building construction site

              Wood working and manufacturing