Workshops and seminars

We organise two types of workshops:

  1. Industry sponsored workshops are those that are organised in collaboration with a leading organisation in the industry. We are current preparing for workshops to be hosted by different insurance federations in the UK, Europe and the Middle East in addition to other locations.

  2. On-site specialised workshops that are designed specifically based on the needs and educational requirements of a client’s firm.

Among the popular topics discussed during our different workshops:
  • Investigation of the origin and cause of fires.
  • Investigation of machinery breakdown.
  • Investigation of workplace accidents.
  • Explanation of the latest OSH (Occupational Safety & Health) global regulations.
  • Rules for transportation, handling and disposal of combustible and flammable materials.
  • Surveys of power generation plants.
  • Renewable energy.

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During thorough discussions with our clients from different sectors, we regularly ask about serious concerns which they consider a risk to their business. We collate these concerns and conduct comprehensive research to establish how to manage these risks. We then develop webinars that we host monthly on free basis to discuss with our findings and assist participants in developing strategies to overcome different challenges.

Our webinars are free of charge and easy to participate in using simple technologies available in all locations.

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27/4/2016         Identifying Operational Risks In Combustion Turbines

30/5/2016         Cargo Damage to Hi-tech Equipment

29/6/2016         Corrosion Management of Large Piping Systems

27/7/2016         Location Risk in Large Power Plants

31/8/2016         Root Cause Analysis of Industrial Fires and Explosions

28/9/2016         Heavy Equipment Incidents in Large Construction Projects

26/10/2016       Subsea Installation of Cables and Piping Systems

30/11/2016       Business Continuity of Large Data Centres

Case Studies

Over the years, we have determined that every case presents a unique opportunity to enrich our experience and teach us new things. Therefore, we have committed to dedicate time to extract lessons and analyse findings after the completion of each instruction and involvement. Over time, we want to share these experiences with our clients, and therefore have developed a mechanism to publish case studies that highlight specific challenges and provide effective strategies to overcome them. Each case study provides learning experiences that can benefit different groups in different ways.

Our case studies cover various topics, including
  • Failure investigation.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Fire and explosion.
  • Machine breakdown.
  • Workplace accidents.
  • Shipping losses.

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