We believe there is a great amount of uncertainty caused by the increased complexity of new technologies. We also believe that globalization of businesses require an expert approach to assessing different engineering risks and developing effective ways to manage them.

This requires three critical capabilities:

  1. Thorough understanding of emerging technologies and evolving global standards.
  2. Comprehensive knowledge of failure modes and loss scenarios.
  3. Complete awareness of local business and cultural environments.

CEERISK Consulting was setup specifically to bring CERTAINTY through these critical CAPABILITIES to the uncertain world of Construction, Energy and Engineering.

Our Mission:
We at CEERISK Help individuals and organizations prevent costly damage to property and serious injury to individuals by identifying different engineering risks and developing plans to manage them.

Our Strategy:

  • Build superior knowledge of global standards, innovations and industrial processes.
  • Employ best talent in the market and commit resources to their continued development.
  • Use most advanced technologies and align our systems with those of our clients to provide relevant and valuable solutions.

Our Services

Our Standards

Timely response: we make ourselves available to you 24/7 everyday of the year. You can rest assured that you will be able to discuss whatever problem you have with an expert in the same day you initiate contact with any of our offices or employees. We will also strive to arrange for inspections as soon as we are given access.If physically impossible, we will ensure to let you know during your initial contact with us.

Frequent contacts: We know you instruct us to deal with a situation that has created uncertainty to you and your business. We therefore consider it imperative to maintain direct and frequent contact with you regarding the work we are conducting.

Comprehensive answers:We realise that eliminating uncertainty is only achieved through comprehensive, detailed and firm answers to your questions. We make that our objective and ensure to deliver it. Reports you receive from us, will be clear and directly assist you in resolving your problem.

Effective solutions:Every problem has multiple solutions. Some are effective and some are costly and difficult. We review all these solutions with a clear understanding of your business circumstances. When it is time to report findings and recommendations we will clearly identify solutions that are effective and can be implemented efficiently.

Dependable support:Our involvement never ceases until your problem is resolved entirely. You can rest assured that you will receive dependable support on any given instruction, no matter how long in the future you require that support.

Why instruct us?

Because we employ a mix of superior knowledge of global technologies with solid understanding of cultural diversity in different locations to create significant value to our clients and answer their questions and solve their problems.