Onshore Energy Conference in Dubai attracts industry leaders to the MENA Region

Dubai, UAE - May 2016

Held at the Shangri La, Dubai on 18 May 2016, Onshore Energy Conference was in response to demands by insurers, reinsurers and brokers who have identified the needs of the MENA Region for a conference that addresses the issues and challenges specific to onshore energy, including oil and gas, power and energy construction. At the conference, attended by over 100 delegates, presenters discussed the latest challenges faced by the insurance market in the Middle East, especially in light of the geopolitical environment and drop in prices of oil. CEERISK participated in the conference and contributed by providing support to the organising committee to assist in promoting the conference the local market.

CEERISK Participates in the Lillehammer Energy Claims Conference

Lillehammer, Norway - March 2016

For over 20 years, the Lillehammer Energy Claims Conference has been the leading international gathering of underwriters, claims adjusters, insureds, brokers and experts involved in claims arising from activities which are commonly referred to as offshore energy risks (which extend to related onshore activities and include well and drilling operations irrespective of location). The conference is held in Lillehammer, Norway every year since 1995.

Managing Director of CEERISK Consulting has attended this conference for the past 6 years where varying topics have been covered over the years providing delegates with significant knowledge base. The conference also provided significant networking opportunities where experts from around the world exchanged ideas and thoughts related to offshore and onshore energy claims.

CEERISK hosts a specialized workshop on coordination between insurers and Civil Defence Authorities in the investigation of fires

Amman, Jordan - January 2016

In cooperation with JIF (Jordan Insurance Federation - www.joif.org), CEERISK Consulting organized a specialised workshop where a panel of expert speakers from the insurance market and Civil Defence Authorities discussed ways to improve coordination in the investigation of fires. Mr. Mamoon Alyah, Managing Director of CEERISK and Major Liath El-Hiary of the Civil Defence provided the delegates with explanation of the process used for investigating fires in various types of properties.

This was then followed by an open forum discussion moderated by Mr. Mustafa Al-Taal of Arabia Insurance Company Jordan during which the speakers and the delegates discussed communication problems between insurers and the Civil Defence Authorities.

The workshop came up with a number of critical recommendations that were published to members of JIF and a follow-up plan adopted by a number companies in the market.

"Assessing the Fire Risk in Factories and Warehouses" was the topic of a specialized workshop hosted by CEERISK in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

January 2016

With participation from a large number of professionals from leading insurers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a workshop discussing fire risks in factories and warehouses was hosted in Riyadh in collaboration with Soulat Loss Adjusting and Survey Company (www.soulat-ksa.com) and participation from Addvalora Global (www.grupoaddvalora.com), a leading international loss adjusting firm. The workshop discussed the various fire hazards inherent in different types of warehouses and factories with special focus on risks in KSA. The presentations on the topic from the different experts, including Mr. Mamoon Alyah, Managing Director of CEERISK Consulting were well received and provided the delegates with a wealth of information. The workshop was followed by a networking lunch hosted by Soulat Loss Adjusting and Survey during which delegates exchanged ideas about the topic.

Greater Amman Municipality invites CEERISK to participate in its 100 Resilient City Launch Workshop

January 2016

During the workshop, CEERISK's Managing Director, Mamoon Alyah, took part in a work group that was assembled to discuss engineering risks from flooding, earthquake and other natural disasters. The discussions focused on identifying the specific threats to City of Amman and developing strategies to deal with the issues in a safe and productive manner.

After being selected as one of the 100 Resilient Cities (www.100resilientcities.org) in the world (among over 1100 applicants), the Greater Amman Municipality (www.ammancity.gov.jo) in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation launched its inauguration workshop of the project in January 2016. CEERISK was invited to participate as one of the leading service providers in the community to assist in the formulation of Resilience Strategy for the city, the initial stage of a long term commitment to tackle serious physical, social and economic challenges of the 21st century.

CEERISK Participates in the IMIA 48th Annual Conference

Merida, Mexico - September 2015

The IMIA conference is an annual event where risk engineers from leading insurers from around the world meet to discuss the latest challenges facing underwriters and exchange ideas on how to best serve their clients. IMIA draws up resolutions and recommendations for study and presentation, to be performed by its Working Groups for presentation at future conferences.

During the 48th conference, CEERISK Managing Director, Mamoon Alyah, presented the final version of technical paper on Combined Cycle Power Plants, which was prepared by a workgroup that he chaired. The presentation was received favourably by delegates who discussed the engineering risks inherent in the construction and operation of this type of power plants.